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The Minnesota Chromatography Forum is a scientific society committed to the advancement of chromatography. Since its founding in 1978, the MCF has provided area chromatographers with the opportunity to expand their knowledge in the separation sciences in a variety of ways.

Each year three evening sessions are held with invited speakers ranging from local experts to leading international chromatographers. In addition to the evening meetings, a three day Spring Symposium and Exposition is held in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area.

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Minnesota Chromatography Forum 38th Annual Spring Symposium and Intensive Short Course Exposition

The Minnesota Chromatography Forum invites you to participate in the 38th Annual Spring Symposium and Intensive Short Courses at the Earle Brown Heritage Center in Minneapolis, MN. This program will interest people from all areas of separation science.


General Schedule and Deadlines for MCF Spring Symposium

Description Date
Abstract Submission Deadline April 2, 2017
Short Course Registration Deadline April 30, 2017
Advance Registration Deadline for Symposium April 1, 2017
Short Courses May 9-10, 2017
Special Topic Sessions May 10, 2017
Vendor Seminars, Exhibitor Reception May 10, 2017
Spring Symposium Technical Program May 11, 2017





“Exploration of Martian Habitability with the Curiosity Rover


Paul Mahaffy



Solar System Exploration Division


Goddard Space Flight Center


The Curiosity Rover has been on the surface of Mars for more than 4 years exploring the geology and chemistry of what was once a large lake billions of years ago. The goal of the mission is to understand the habitability of Mars, especially that of the ancient environment. Could microbial life have existed in this environment? The Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) investigation of this rover conducts volatile and isotope measurements of both the atmosphere and solids to help elucidate ancient environmental conditions and the global changes that have transformed Mars over time. Chromatography is important for the search for organic compounds in rocks with SAM’s gas chromatograph mass spectrometer experiment. Key measurements from SAM, to date, include the first in situ detection of organics preserved in these rocks for billions of years, the first in situ exposure age and K/Ar rock formation age, detection of perchlorates in rocks and soils, measurement of the D/H ration of water that formed clays more than 3 billion years ago, and detection of methane in the atmosphere. The Curiosity Rover is presently on the flanks of Mt. Sharp and headed toward distinct clay and sulfate rich layers higher up on this central mound in Gale crater. These and other ongoing exciting discoveries from the mission will be described.





Where to Stay: 

The MCF has blocked a limited number of rooms for Spring Symposium participants at:

Embassy Suites Minneapolis – North

6300 Earle Brown Drive
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota 55430
Tel: 763-560-2700 or 1-800 Embassy
Use the Group Code: MCF

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The hotel is connected to Earle Brown Heritage Center. Make reservations as soon as possible, limited space is available.  Participants desiring accommodation should call the hotel directly to make reservations (please be sure to mention that you are attending the Minnesota Chromatography Forum (or MCF) Spring Symposium).


Country Inns and Suites Brooklyn Center

2550 Freeway Boulevard

Brooklyn Center, MN 55430

Direct Dial:  763-561-0900

Toll Free:  800-456-4000

Reservations Direct Link:  CROMO