Each year the Education Committee of the MCF sponsors 2-3 courses for its membership body through the year and three courses at the MCF Spring Symposium. Previously, the MCF has been proud to offer courses in a variety of areas.

We extend special thanks to the vendors which regularly participate in the offered MCF courses. They provide the opportunity for “hands on” experience, along with the presentation of theoretical information, and help keep the course costs to a very reasonable level. The vendors who regularly participate include: Beckman Instruments, ChromTech, Hewlett-Packard, Perkin-Elmer, Shimadzu, Varian, Waters, and ThermoQuest. The opportunity exists for all vendors to participate and we are happy to welcome anyone else desiring to join us. Please contact the education chair for details.

The MCF Undergraduate Research Grant is designed to encourage undergraduate students to become acquainted with scientific research. Proposals are submitted by undergraduate students for short research projects in which chromatography or some other separation technique plays an important role. The proposals are reviewed by a panel of judges and the student submitting the best proposal is awarded the sum of $2500. Each year we are looking for new ways to promote this award at colleges around the five state area. Any suggestions for reaching prospective students more effectively would be greatly appreciated.