How to Clean a Foam Mattress

Memory foam has caused a change in the mattress market. Unlike traditional mattresses, memory foam contours to your body, relieving stress and also alleviating back and neck pain. A memory foam mattress is the best choice for anyone seeking the best mattress.

Memory foam is a petroleum-based product, so cleaning it differs from cleaning other mattress materials. Correct treatment is necessary to keep your mattress feeling luxurious as well as responsive.

A clean bed is the best way to safeguard your financial investment and guarantee years of comfortable sleep. I have written this article to help you keep your mattress in exceptional condition for as long as possible.

how to clean foam mattress

What Is The Best Frequency For Cleaning Foam Mattress?

Foam mattress pads must be spot-cleaned and soiled by hand immediately after stains appear because they need to be removed. Vacuum the pad before changing your bed linen. By doing so, you’ll make a complete cleaning much easier and less constant. You can clean foam mattress pads every couple of months.

The following are 7 easy step you can following to clean your foam mattress:

  1. Take off the topper from the bed
  2. Make sure the foam pad is vacuumed well
  3. Eliminate strong odors
  4. Removing Stains
  5. Use a cleaning remedy to spray onto stains
  6. Get rid of the excess moisture by washing the pad
  7. Dry the foam pad by air

7 Easy Steps to Clean Your Foam Mattress

steps to cleaning foam mattress

Step #1: Take off the topper from the bed

It is best to place the mattress pad on the ground near a tube, preferably outside. In case you’re cleaning the mattress topper on a rug or timber, you should place a tarpaulin under it to protect the flooring. Remove and wash the cover if it is removable.

Step #2: Make sure the foam pad is vacuumed well

Make sure both sides of the mattress topper are vacuumed well. If possible, use a hand-held vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment. In the absence of an upholstery brush, use a vacuum’s furniture attachment to remove dirt and dust mites that have gathered outside the upholstery. By excavating deeply into the notches, you can remove debris from foam pads with eggshell-like gaps.

Step #3: Remove strong smells

A foam mattress pad tends to retain odors from cigarette smoke, urine, and other sources. Spray sodium bicarbonate on the pad and let it sit for eight hours or overnight to get rid of them. Remove excess powder by vacuuming.

Step #4: Getting Rid of Stains

Foam pads can be spot-cleaned with a solution of laundry borax and water (follow the instructions on the package). It is possible to lighten stains by using a mixture of oxygen bleach and borax cleaning solution.

Step #5: Spray a cleaning remedy onto stains

Use one component fluid detergent (ideally one that produces very few suds) in addition to two components water in a spray container. Allow the option to sit for at least 45 minutes after lightly spraying it on the pad.

Step #6: Wash the pad to remove excess moisture

If you have an outdoor hose pipe, wash the cleaning agent remedy away. Make sure the pad is clean by dipping a white cloth in water if it isn’t already. Continue rinsing as the detergent suds are transferred. Instead of wringing or twisting, gently squeeze the foam to eliminate excess water.

Step #7: Dry the mattress foam pad with air

The mattress topper should be dried flat on a water-resistant surface for a number of days. Direct sunlight can damage the foam. Use an electrical follower to distribute air and also speed up the drying process. Several times a day, you should turn the topper to allow it to dry uniformly. When the topper is almost completely dry, you should elevate it on risers or stand it on its edge so that air can circulate around all surfaces. Be sure the pad is completely dry before placing it on the bed.

A Guide To Getting Rid Of Stains On Foam Mattress Pads

Spatulas and spoons are good tools for removing solids from spills and stains. Use white paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible. To prevent the spill from soaking through the mattress topper, it should be disposed of. When cleaning the pad, relocate it to an impermeable surface (tile, plastic, or sealed concrete).

After you have actually removed as much moisture as possible, wet the stain with water and spray it with laundry borax. Massage the borax into the stain from the outside in toward the center using a sponge or clean towel. Let the borax sit for at least 15 minutes. Remove the deposit with a hand-held vacuum or a brush attachment on a basic vacuum. Repeat as necessary.

If you have removed stains from a mattress topper, you need to let it air dry for a minimum of a day before putting it back on the mattress. If the stain removal was significant, it might be necessary to increase the drying time.


For removal of bloodstains from sponges or white towels, use 2 percent hydrogen peroxide. Blot the stain from the edges towards the center of the facility to prevent it from spreading. When the stain is removed, move the cloth to a tidy location. While hydrogen peroxide may cause the foam to yellow as well as discolor, it will remove the blood without crumbling it.

What You Can Do to Get Rid of Urine and Vomit Odors

When dealing with an odor from pee or vomit, use laundry borax first to clean the area, and then spray baking soda on the stain’s surface. After allowing the sodium bicarbonate to sit for 24 hours, vacuum it up. Smoke odors will also be removed.

After stain removal, allow the mattress topper to air dry for at least one day. Depending on how much stain was removed, the drying time may need to be extended.